Bosses cancel Christmas parties and tell workers to stay home

Office Christmas parties are being cancelled and employees told to work from home as companies scramble to protect staff from the Omicron variant. Fears that an outbreak at a festive event will force workers to self-isolate for Christmas are encouraging companies large and small to cancel, postpone or move events online. Boris Johnson insisted on […]

Government secures fourth jab deal to fight Covid variants

A fourth coronavirus jab for British adults has moved a step closer after the government rushed through a deal for more than 100 million extra doses that can be tailored against variants. Sajid Javid, the health secretary, has agreed to buy enough extra doses to repeat the entire vaccination programme to date as he promised […]

29 Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers (Fast and Real)

Twitter has elevated its stand from being a typical tweeting rostrum to a social media platform for marketing. A recent blog revealed more than 130 million active people who are interested in Twitter. This is a whopping number that has caught the attention of numerous brands and businesses worldwide. However, gaining friends on Twitter can […]

How many ‘fake’ followers do Instragram’s top celebrities and brands have?

Techshielder conducted a social media audit to determine how many fake followers some of the best-known people on earth have on Instagram. You can view the full study here. With 28.6% bots, Paris Hilton is the Instagrammer with the most fake followers, research shows Nike has 46.35 million alleged fake followers Lionel Messi and Cristiano […]

How much time the UK spends on social media according to age

Monitoring children’s’ habits on social media are one of the biggest obstacles many parents face. Not knowing what content your child is exposed to and curbing digital addictions is increasingly difficult, especially after the pandemic, where online communication was the only way to keep in touch with friends and loved ones. So how much time […]

5 Ways Investors Benefit From Broker Reviews

The financial markets require thorough research on both instruments for investment like stocks and the middlemen or brokers on the trading floor. Your hope of returns from your portfolio to meet your expectations and possibly reinvest in the market depends on your risk appetite. In your bid to find suitable investment channels, you have to […]

How To Choose Industrial Stairs For Your Business

One of the most integral parts of commercial buildings is a staircase. It serves a vital role in the architecture of a building because it provides a safe and convenient way to hop on floors. In any business establishment, a staircase is necessary because it divides the height between levels into manageable steps, creating a […]