Checklist for your hardware selection

So, you’ve decided on a cabinet door design and have decided on a finish and paint scheme. Now you think you have to sit back, relax, and wait! Put your feet up for a moment. Cabinet hardware—the knobs and pulls that bring the final touch on your kitchen remodelling design is yet to be decided.

Kitchen hardware can be viewed as kitchen jewellery. Modern kitchen cabinet pulls are cabinets are beautiful on their own, so it’s like the cherry on top of the space. But what about hardware? It is a whole new level. Installation of kitchen cabinet hardware is one of the essential items that happens during a renovation! The process of choosing hardware is hugely frustrating because it is like such a long-term commitment.

On that note, here you have a list of modern kitchen cabinet pulls, from the most popular hardware style to the most popular hardware style—

  • The classic stainless steel knob’s variant complements almost any kitchen, hinting more at the knob’s base. This type of pull, also known as “apothecary pulls,” looks best in modern kitchens or traditional kitchens with retro-style motifs.
  • While circular accents can complement a modern kitchen with dot- or circle-based designs, these subtly decorated modern kitchen cabinet pulls are better suited for traditional and transitional kitchens.
  • It appears to be a conventional style pull at first glance. When used on Shaker-style cabinetry in a modern kitchen, you can incorporate retro-flair with a geometric pattern.
  • Another knob is the Candler Pull’s mate, and the two make a lovely pair. They add dimension to the overall design of your kitchen when used together. Many who value simplicity would appreciate this. It also provides an alternative design choice for open kitchens, as it is easier to grasp than knobs.
  • Bar Pulls in Stainless Steel: Right now, this is among the most famous modern kitchen cabinet pulls. Modern kitchens and streamlined designs benefit from this elegant pull. It has a lot of personalities, with round shapes that contrast sharp 90-degree angles.

Stainless steel, satin nickel, and oil rubbed bronze knobs and pulled continue to lead the pack, despite an increase in the popularity of brushed and satin brass hardware and a recent trend in mixing metals in industrial-style kitchens. Finally, the design details you choose are based on your style and taste, and you’ll be spending the majority of time in your kitchen, which is the heart of your home.

Since every kitchen has a mix of cabinets and drawers, it’s all about choosing a modern kitchen cabinet pulls that works for each one. You wouldn’t put a cabinet knob on a drawer, for instance, because it would be too difficult to open! The most stressful aspect of the rejuvenation process is deciding on the correct size of hardware! Highly visual people are sensitive to proportion and scale; bring a door front and a drawer front to see what works best.

After perusing the hardware options, narrow down the choices to the best of the best, and then try individual parts on the fronts. Then judge the scale by placing different knobs, modern kitchen cabinet pulls, and hardware bits on the shows. This move is crucial to feeling at ease when placing an order and having complete confidence in your selection.

If the cabinet is Shaker-style, hardware with clean architectural lines will be the best choice. If you need to go for a contemporary look, choose complementary pulls and knobs. It is something highly recommended because it ensures that your whole kitchen has a consistent look!

A checklist for choosing a cabinet handle or knob is as follows:


Knobs pull and handles are available in a variety of styles. Your decision is entirely dependent on the appearance you want to achieve in your kitchen. For an elegant look, choose a traditional bronze or intricate style or sleek stainless steel for a modern look. The modern kitchen cabinet should match the rest of your kitchen’s design.

Dimensions and Form

These are essential factors to consider when purchasing knobs and pulls. You must select items that make you feel at ease. Some pulls may appear appealing on the surface, but when used, they can be uncomfortable. As a result, make decisions according to the factor of usage.


Steel, bronze, iron, Nickel, Aluminum, and other metals are eligible for your kitchen cabinet knobs and handles. Stainless steel knobs and pulls are popular today because they look modern, are easy to clean, and are inexpensive. Aluminium pulls are the cheapest choice and the easiest to install in the kitchen. Zinc is another readily available and non-toxic material.

Modern kitchen cabinet pulls and handles available in a variety of styles. Your choice is entirely dependent on the appearance you want to achieve in your kitchen. For an elegant look, choose a classic bronze or intricate design or sleek stainless steel for a modern look. The hardware on your cabinets should match the rest of your kitchen’s design.

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