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How to Find Best New Online Casinos UK 2021

Avoid the Bad Guys

There are lots of great new online casinos being launched in the UK this year (2021), however, not all of them are worth trusting with your hard-earned cash. Lots of them are very worthy of your trust and lots of them are not. This is why we’ve come up with a few pointers around all the things to keep an eye on while you’re searching for new online casinos in the UK this year. Lots of people have reported an increase in unlicensed or fake online casino websites, especially in the UK.

In this region, players have been reporting lots of online casinos operating under a ‘Curacao’ license. This is outright unlawful, the only company’s allowed to provide remote gambling products and services within the UK are those who are registered with the UK’s Gambling Commission or the Alderney Gambling Control Board. If a player from the UK plays at an online casino that’s not licensed by one of these two Gambling Regulators, they are not protected.

Therefore, our advice for players who reside in the United Kingdom is to always play at online casinos regulated by either the UK’s GC or the Alderney GC. This way, any issue that may arise can be dealt with through a reputable industry regulator. Avoid Curacao licensed casinos at all costs if you want to be protected as a player in the UK.

Finding the Good Guys

It may sound difficult to find the good guys after the negative start to this article, but don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need to know summed up for you. Our expert knowledge of the industry allows us to report comprehensively around online casinos in the UK based on all the important factors, only then do we recommend a site to gamble at. This way, we never recommend any bad sites to our readers. We always recommend a player focuses on the factors that are most important to them, this way your search is streamlined.

For example, you could compare online slots games at these websites but it may take you all day and you still aren’t sure which slot site you prefer. So, if you focus on one or two factors like; ‘safety’ and ‘bonus amount’, you’ll find that your search becomes more effective. Our advice is to always have a gambling license as the number one factor in your search, then maybe followed by a bonus amount you are looking for. This Online Casino UK here is a stand out example of such a site that fits the bill for anyone looking for safety and an amazing bonus amount.

Latest Online Casino UK Trends

Trends are changing all the time, especially in the UK’s online casino market. There are a few reasons for this. Some of which you may find more obvious than not in our list below:

1. Stricter Rules from Regulators

The Gambling Commission in the United Kingdom have been monitoring and reassessing their rules and regulations on an unprecedented scale over the last few years. This means lots of new rules come into play which affects the way in which players can play.

2. New Deposit/Withdrawal Options

As technology grows, so does the ways in which we use it and there’s no exception when it comes to depositing your funds at online casinos. Lots of Payment Service providers are coming up with new ways to pay safely. Due to this, casino websites are doing the same to keep up with the times. They do this by ensuring lots of these banking methods are available on their platforms.

3. More Focus on Mobile Usage

As just stated above, technology waits for nobody. Every few months there are considerable advances and the best online casinos in the UK maintain pace with this. Its common knowledge that more and more of us are connecting online using a mobile phone as opposed to a desktop or laptop. Connection speeds and reliability via mobile phone connections now have vastly improved.

4. Reverse Withdrawal Option Removed

Once upon a time for UK casino players, there was a button within the gaming lobby that allowed players to cancel a withdrawal. This is known as a ‘Reverse Withdrawal’ and allowed players to effectively put winnings back into their casino fund to gamble with again, although they had already begun the withdrawal process. Regulators have recently made changes to protect UK players from being able to do this.

5. New Slots Games from New Developers

– The online casino sector was already teaming with an abundance of Games developers prior to 2021, and that has just become more so the case. With new developers come new online casino games, a breath of fresh air for everyone. With so many new developers coming into operation, 2021 is set to be an exciting year in the online casino UK market.

Recent Updates Online Casino Rules in the UK

Like we said earlier, the Gambling Commission in the UK has been very busy indeed. They’ve been assessing every possible angle of the sector and laying down new rules and regulations. Great for players, in most cases (some players don’t even like the new ‘safe guards’), bad for operators – in almost all cases.

But nonetheless, it’s a reality that we are all aware of. Operators will say it makes it much harder for them to survive as a viable business, but the GC will say players need to be protected from the ‘lure’ or ‘temptation’ of the Reverse Withdrawal option available. One example of an argument we hear a lot.

Below is a list of some of the changes that have been made in the last couple of years;

  • Know Your Customer

(KYC) – This has been implemented which means lots of verification checks are required before an operator can take a players money to gamble with.

  • Staying in Control of Your Own ‘Real Money’

If you deposit real cash into an online casino, you must be able to withdraw it. Previously, some operators would not allow players to withdraw their cash if they had used bonus money but not their own cash. 

  • Accurate Promotional Advertising

Any online casino offering promotions must do so in an accurate and clear way. When an operator presents an offer, the minimum significant terms related to that promotion must clearly visible when the bonus is offered.

All the above changes have actually separated the good guys from the bad to an extent. This actually helps players find the best online casinos in the UK. For example, a good online casino operator will always endeavour to satisfy industry regulations. Sometimes when those regulations cost money to implement, bad online casino operators might skip certain rules. So if you see; a ‘Reverse Withdrawal‘ option, an online casino not allowing you to withdraw your real money or that their promotions aren’t accurately advertised, we know they do not trust the worth of your loyalty as a player.


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