How to repair your mobile phone on your own in 2021

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are now an integral part of our lives. Stepping into the outside world without a cell phone in hand, in quite a massacre.

We have progressed ourselves into the realm of multitasking. Multitasking might sometimes lead to unhealthy habits. Like us, our mobile phones also face breakdown due to over tasking.  These might lead to the device being dead, thus, losing data and other credentials.

Tips to help:

Here are top 10 tips that comes handy in 2021 when you need to repair your mobile phone on your own:

1. Having trouble charging your phone? Use a vacuum cleaner.

Sometimes, the charging slot near the phone’s charging port gets covered in dust. No matter what amount of rubbing and poking with an earbud, you will not be able to clean it. The best way is to use a vacuum cleaner which will help you get rid of all the dust particles and you will be able to charge your phone with ease.

Make sure you do not put a high pressure on the vacuum cleaner. This might alter the small connections present inside the slot.

2. Have too many scratches on the screen? Use toothpaste.

We have come across phones with thousands of cracks all over. Here’s a tip: Put a thin layer of toothpaste on the screen and rub off the excess with a q-tip or wet cloth. Make sure the toothpaste is flavour free. The toothpaste fills in between the gaps of the cracks which helps to bring an even structure throughout the screen. To make a note, this works only if the LED is not displayed. The cracking of the tempered glass, thus, can be saved.

3. Dropped the phone in water? Get a bag of rice and a blow dryer.

There have been many such situations where we drop our phone in the swimming pool or even when scrolling in the bathroom. All you need is a bag of rice and a blow dryer. Quickly dismantle the memory card, the battery and the SIM card from the phone. Take a blow dryer to dry out the moisture from every corner. Put it into a bag of rice.

Even if you do not have a blow dryer, clean the phone with a cloth. Do not put much pressure on cleaning. Put it deep in the rice bag and keep it for around 2 days inside it. Then restart it. It should work fine.

Still can’t fix it? Try!

4. Lost a button? Use clay to have a temporary button in place.

The buttons might sometimes fall off from an older mobile phone set. Or sometimes, even worse, they go into the phone. This generally happens to the power key. Use some self-hardening clay to fill the space and have your own button in place!

There are also apps available to serve the purpose. You can download and do the work for the same.

5. Mobile Overheating?  Switch Off and Restart Your Cell Phone

Due to multitasking, our phones do overheat sometimes. All you have to do is turn the phone off and restart. Close the apps that are not in use, disconnect the cellphone while in charging. This will prevent the overheating to some extent. Also, remove the back cover to provide space for the processor’s ventilation.

6. Cell Phone Screen not responding? Avoid Putting Pressure on the Screen

Sometimes our phone screen needs some extra care than we think. Putting on a proper tempered glass and a protective phone case actually helps a lot. Also, put your phone in a proper space where it faces lesser pressure.

7. Lost your sim opener? Use a safety pin to do the job

The sim slot openers are highly thin objects which are easy to lose. In order to find a solution to that mishap, you might use a safety pin to open the slot.

8. Fix the broken sides of your tempered glass: Use sandpaper.

Rub the sides carefully and slowly. The broken sides will align smoothly.

9. Photos and videos are hazy even if you clean your camera? Use a contact lens solution.

A camera lens cleaner can also do the job. Do not spray it directly over the camera. This might make a permanent spot on it. Instead, spray it over some clean cloth and rub it over the camera.

10. Fix a dead phone?

Formatting your phone always works in such cases. Remove your phone sim and memory card. Transfer your data into your computer or any other device. Format the device. It will restart and will work fine.

Words of wisdom

Always remember the manner you dismantled the phone. The data must be kept safe before doing any operation. These are DIY hacks, so these might not work in some severe cases. It is always best to consult a professional for such situations.

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How to repair your mobile phone on your own in 2021

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