#MakeUpForLostTime with your loved ones with Toblerone Valentine’s Day packs

By this Valentine’s Day, it’s been almost a year since some Filipinos have seen and spent time with their loved ones. People have been staying at home as much as possible and have avoided congregating in big groups to help flatten the curve. Due to the pandemic, everyone has missed out on many opportunities to bond and show thoughtfulness to those they care about. Hence, this upcoming season filled with love, Toblerone is giving people the chance to #MakeUpForLostTime through their limited edition Toblerone Valentine’s Day Packs.

For a limited time only, Toblerone is offering a special Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones through its special vouchers that promise to make up for the lost time we all missed last year. Each voucher represents a coupon that gives your loved ones a pass for bonding moments like having a movie night, preparing homemade dinner, or outdoor vacation. Through these special packs, you can send a unique touch through personalized messages in the notecard section – all while giving the people you love their favorite Toblerone chocolate.

“This year’s Valentine’s Day may be different, but it’s still important we show the people we love how much we value them. With the new limited edition Toblerone Valentine’s Day packs, we offer them the chance to make up for lost time with ‘vouchers’ that offer people their time/presence. After all, there’s nothing more valuable you can give someone than the gift of time,” Stefano Andrei Soriano, Mondelez Philippines Chocolates Category Lead said.

For those looking to deliver their promise to #MakeUpForLostTime extra special, Toblerone partnered with Designer Blooms for gorgeous flower arrangements that your loved ones will surely appreciate. These special bundles include fresh flowers and even adorable plush toys.

This season of love, #MakeValentinesThoughtful! Put a smile on the faces of the people you love, and share some love through special vouchers, available in four favorite flavors, namely milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and crunchy almond chocolate.


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