How to prepare for a telemedicine consultation

The pandemic is not a reason to skip a doctor’s visit. Telemedicine services abound, and it pays to prepare prior to a virtual consultation to get the most out of it. Here are a few tips shared by Dr. Iris M. Garcia, a cardiologist from the Philippine Heart Center, during a Feb. 9 health forum hosted by the Philippine Heart Center:

  • Prepare a list of at least three questions to make good use of the time. “List down your most pressing concerns, kasi minsan napuputol ang internet [because sometimes the internet connection gets cut off],” she said.
  • If you have any diagnostic laboratory results, especially those related to your concerns, have them on hand, so your doctor can check them.

Dr. Luigi Pierre S. Segundo, a cardiologist from The Medical City, added that it was also important to take down personal notes. “Hindi lang kasi prescription ang ibibigay sa ‘yo, pati rin advice [Your doctor isn’t just going to give your prescription, but also advice on how to manage your condition].” — P. B. Mirasol


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