Tableau career options: Why you should get into Tableau

Visualization is an important and crucial aspect of data analysis wherein data experts usually present the final results of the project.

It doesn’t matter which technology or combination of technologies data experts use to achieve the outcome of the projects, if the visualization lacks the quality it would be a disaster for the project.

Having said that, visualization is universally required for all data analysis projects happening across all sectors. A good visualization requires efficient tools and a skilled professional. In the absence of both, quality reporting would be difficult to achieve. Companies are looking for visualization experts having a stronghold on visualization tools so as to create reports and aid in critical business decisions. This creates a pond of opportunities to dive in. Professionals should grab the opportunities created due to the great demand for visualization experts and enhance their skills in using the tools.

Many prominent tools are available offering various features for making visualization more effective. Some of the popular tools are Tableau, HighCharts, Google Charts, Leaflet, and Microsoft Power BI. It is quite confusing to choose the best tool which would add value to the overall project. Opting for the wrong tool or learning many tools might end up wasting your time and efforts, it may lead to poor reporting and increase the cost of the project. A simple solution to this problem is to learn concepts for visualization with one prominent tool that would help professionals to work with other tools with little effort if required.

One of the most popular and advanced tools for visualization is Tableau and a Tableau certification is preferred by industry experts for quality reporting. Let us find out why it is recommended in upcoming sections.

Why Tableau?

Data experts need tools that are powerful, reliable, user-friendly, and flexible along with many other qualities. Tableau has all the features along with some additional qualities to crave for. It allows experts to clean, process, analyze, and visualize the raw data to actionable insights helping the data expert teams to make timely decisions. Its flexibility allows it to connect to multiple data sources of various kinds simultaneously. This is important as you may have data from various sources in different formats to analyze and prepare consolidated reports. It is highly reliable and provides consistent, real-time output for larger data. It has all sorts of charts, graphs, and tables to choose from to prepare an aesthetic report or dashboard. Charts are very colorful and attractive which help to find hidden patterns, trends in data, and makes it easier to communicate finding to all stakeholders. It allows you to create static or dynamic reports of exceptional qualities.

You need basic data analysis concepts and mathematical knowledge to learn Tableau. It is very user-friendly and you would need to put minimal effort to master it. One of the great features is to create colorful dashboards that present your data with ease on different platforms such as web or mobile. You would only need to spend very little time to create an interactive dashboard. Due to all the qualities of Tableau, various companies are using it, some of the prominent names include Honeywell, LinkedIn, Lufthansa, and Lenovo.

Tableau also boasts of being a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for the past eight years. Though many players are trying to enter the data visualization market and offering powerful features on their platform, Tableau has maintained its ranking in this time of market evolution and increasing customer expectations. Clients prefer Tableau because it has succeeded in meeting the needs of data-driven organizations with customer-focused innovation and platform expansion. This end-to-end analytics platform also supports a community that promotes personal and organizational success with data insights.

The Roles Associated with Visualization

Tableau expertise is one of the key skills in many high earning roles such as Data Visualisation Engineer, Data Analyst, Data expert, Business Intelligence Analyst, and Data Scientist. Since all sorts of companies irrespective of the scale of the company need data experts professionals, it creates a great demand for all roles mentioned with impressive growth and salaries. Some companies that hire data experts are Facebook, Apple, Boeing, Amazon, Twitter, Google, Daimler, etc.

In small companies, one can work as a contract employee, data consultant, or even as a freelancer.

Salary Trends for Data Expert Roles

Due to high demand, growth, and stability in career, data expert’s roles offer higher earnings. Salary is even more for skilled professionals due to the scarcity of competent candidates.

Average yearly salaries in the US can give you a better picture (source – Payscale).

Data Engineer –  $92,291.

Data Scientist – $96,303.

Data Analyst –  $60,985.

Data Architect – $119,242.

The Importance of Tableau Certification

So After knowing the importance of visualization with Tableau, Roles associated and salary prospects, the next step is to opt for a training course and certify yourself in Tableau. Certification allows you to gauge your skills against the training you received. Certification results in a better resume, better confidence, and better salary prospects. On the other hand, training helps you achieve an expert level in a short span of time by dedicated learning and focus. Here is the list of certifications offered in Tableau

  • Tableau Specialist – Desktop
  • Certified Associate – Desktop
  • Certified Professional – Desktop
  • Certified Associate – Server
  • Certified Professional – Server

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Bottom Line

While studying the above article, I believe you have better clarity on the significance of visualization with Tableau. Now you are aware of the various features of Tableau and certification offered in Tableau for better career prospects as well as roles that require Tableau knowledge. All you need to do now is to contemplate the things explained and decide upon if you are interested in the data expert role and visualization aspect of it. After making a thoughtful decision, It is advised to start your training online with a prestigious institute and earn a certification so as to add greater value to your impressive resume.

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